Courses 2018/2019

SAA Practitioner’s Course

The SAA Practitioner's Course

Successful participants of the SAA Practitioner's Course receive the Arbitration Practitioner Diploma (ArbP) from the SAA.

The ArbP demands active participation during the course, which includes pleading training on the basis of mock cases, role plays of arbitration-related scenarios, drafting sessions to learn how to draft written submissions and interactive discussions on cutting-edge arbitration topics.

The modules are held together with the CAS in Arbitration class. ArbP candidates attend modules 2, 3 and 4. All three modules start on a Thursday morning and end on a Monday night, the course stretches from June to January of the following year. The next course will start in June 2018. All courses are taught in English. This course is designed to accommodate working professionals, balancing classroom instruction with scheduling flexibility. During each day of a module, participants will be given an opportunity to attend to their professional responsibilities.

Application Requirements

The ArbP program is for qualified participants with some previous experience in arbitration.

Course Assessments

ArbP participants are required to attend and actively participate in modules 2, 3 and 4.

Changing from the ArbP to the CAS in Arbitration Program

ArbP participants have the option of also completing the CAS in Arbitration. In addition to completing any outstanding ArbP modules participants must:

  • Attend module 1 the next time it is offered
  • Pass the CAS in Arbitration exam
  • Submit the CAS in Arbitration research paper
  • Pay the additional tuition fee

Please note that this only applies to participants who enrolled in the ArbP program after 2015. If you completed the ArbP prior to 2015 and are interested in also completing a CAS in Arbitration, please contact us for further information.

Course Overview

Coordinators : Prof. Dr. Daniel Girsberger and Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller

1 Topic Fundamentals of International Arbitration
Head Lecturers Christoph Müller, Daniel Girsberger
Dates Neuchâtel, 12-16 April 2018
3 Topic Taking of the Evidence: Hearings, Discovery and Interim Measures
Head Lecturers Urs Weber-Stecher, Laurent Killias
Dates Zurich, 25-29 October 2018
4 Topic From the Hearing to the Challenge and Enforcement of the Award
Head Lecturers Daniele Favalli, Philippe Bärtsch
Dates Zurich, 24-28 January 2019

The best aspect of the Swiss Arbitration Academy was the opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from other members of the Swiss "arbitration community.

Alexander M. Gordon, Swiss Re, Zurich