The Swiss Arbitration Academy AG (SAA) was founded in 2008 to provide continued professional training in the field of international arbitration. The SAA aims to provide tailored, interactive courses in international arbitration for lawyers, in-house counsels, advanced students and other professionals interested in dispute resolution.

The University of Lucerne was founded in 2000 and is located in the German speaking part of Switzerland. It is the most recently founded university in Switzerland, although its academic roots relate to the 17th century. The University of Lucerne is organized in four faculties: law, humanities and social sciences, theology and business and management.

The University of Neuchâtel was founded in 1909 and is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland. The University of Neuchâtel is similarly organized in four faculties: humanities, science, law and economics and business. It offers specialized training supported by unique research centers.

Stämpfli Publishing Ltd. is a founder and the main shareholder of the Swiss Arbitration Academy. Since 2008, Stämpfli has been a key partner of the SAA and considers it an important educational project. The Stämpfli Group includes three group companies and employs approximately 350 people at three locations: Berne, Zurich and Warsaw (Poland). The Stämpfli Group is chaired by Dr. Rudolf Stämpfli and Peter Stämpfli, who represent the 6th generation of the founder family.