The SAA's module based program structure allows participants to individually combine program parts based on their own preferences.

The modules are each led by two members of the SAA Academic Council. The duration of each module is five days, always starting on a Thursday morning and ending on a Monday night.

  • Module 1:
    Introduction to International Arbitration
  • Module 2:
    How to Commence Arbitration Proceedings
  • Module 3:
    Taking of the Evidence Hearings, Discovery, Interim Measures
  • Module 4:
    From the Hearing to the Challenge and Enforcement of the Award

  • The CAS in Arbitration

    The CAS in Arbitration is a joint degree from the University of Lucerne and the University of Neuchâtel in collaboration with the SAA. CAS in Arbitration participants attend all four modules, complete a written exam and submit a research paper.

    The tuition fee for the CAS in Arbitration is CHF 9,900, early bird and student discounts are available.

    The SAA Practioner's Course

    The Arbitration Practitioner (ArbP) is a program for qualified participants with (some) previous experience in arbitration. ArbP participants attend modules 2, 3 and 4 skipping the introduction to international arbitration offered during module 1. Attendance during the modules is manadatory and there are no assessments.

    The tuition fee for the ArbP is CHF is 4,900.

    From the ArbP to a CAS in Arbitration:
    ArbP participants have the option of also completing the CAS in Arbitration. In addition to completing any outstanding ArbP modules, participants must: attend module 1, pass the CAS in Arbitration exam and submit a research paper. The already paid ArbP tuition fees are subtracted from the CAS in Arbitration tuition fees and ArbP graduates consequently pay CHF 5,000 (CHF 9,900 - CHF 4,900) to register for the CAS in Arbitration.

    Individual Modules

    Qualified participants with sufficient previous experience in arbitration are invited to participate in individual modules. Participants are issued a Certificate of Attendance by the SAA for each module they have completed.

    The cost of participating in a module is CHF 2,200.

    From individual modules to the ArbP:
    Participants receive the ArbP Certificate issued by the SAA by attending modules 2, 3 and 4. The modules can be attended in any order and do not have to be completed in the same year.