The Swiss Arbitration Academy (SAA) aims to provide the highest quality of education in international arbitration for practitioners.

In today's global economic environment, international arbitration is establishing itself as the preferred means to resolve disputes between parties from different jurisdictions. Arbitration practitioners face the challenge of dealing with diverging legal systems and business practices, cultural differences, language barriers, and the demand of fast-paced decision making. Consequently, international arbitration should be taught pragmatically and based on internationally accepted best practices. Future arbitration practitioners should learn from prominent and widely recognized practitioners with whom they are able to personally interact.

The SAA aims to teach the participants all relevant aspects of arbitral proceedings from preparation and client handling to the final award, its challenge and enforcement. All aspects are analyzed from the counsel's as well as the arbitrator's perspective.

In order to provide participants with an international approach to arbitration, all lecturers and guest speakers are arbitration practitioners experienced in international arbitration in and outside of Switzerland. The SAA believes in the Socratic Method and ensures that all courses have a distinctive practice-oriented approach. In addition to the course lecturers, guest practitioners participate in the different modules to assist and coach students in practical exercises. The maximum number of participants is limited to ensure that all participants can profit from lectures, discussions, mock scenarios and exercises.

The participants are not only taught about arbitration, but will also meet arbitration practitioners from all over the world, allowing them to further expand their own networks.