The SAA Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of the founders and directors of the SAA. They are responsible for the overall organization and instruction of the module, and also carry out substantial teaching activities themselves.

  • Philippe Bärtsch, LL.M., Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, GenevaWeb link
  • Daniele Favalli, LL.M., Vischer AG, ZurichWeb link
  • Dr. Xavier Favre-Bulle, D.E.S., Lenz & Staehelin, GenevaWeb link
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Girsberger, LL.M., University of Lucerne, Wenger & Vieli, ZurichWeb link
  • Alexandra C. Johnson, LL.M., Bar & Karrer, GenevaWeb link
  • Dr. Laurent Killias, LL.M., Pestalozzi, ZurichWeb link
  • Joachim Knoll, LL.M., Lalive, GenevaWeb link
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller, LL.M., University of NeuchâtelWeb link
  • Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher, LL.M., Wenger & Vieli AG, ZurichWeb link

Honorary Members

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, LL.M., University of Lucerne, MME Partners, ZurichWeb link
  • Dr. Philipp Habegger, LL.M., Habegger Arbitration, ZurichWeb link